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Neural Networking delivers Executive Search services to companies who want to stay ahead on the AI adoption curve

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Unrivaled Network

A combination of deep technical understanding and consistent engagement with talent mean through us you will have access to a wide reaching network of AI professionals at the very top of their game.



Bespoke Service

Each assignment is worked on exclusively with 100% of time dedicated to finding the optimal candidate. We take as long as is needed to understand on a granular level your project specific challenges, technical requirements and business culture.



Intelligent Approach

We stay on top of the latest innovations, journal publications and thought leadership in AI to ensure we deliver you top tier talent.


What we do

Attract, engage and close AI talent
for innovative businesses in London

Neural Networking is a specialist Executive Search firm who deliver the very best in AI talent on a contract or permanent basis. We take the time to establish your needs and then reach out to our ever growing network of professionals. We keep the process as smooth as possible and leave no stone unturned in the search to find an individual with the AI expertise your requirement.

How we deliver

Working on an exclusive basis, in close partnership with you, Neural Networking build and in depth knowledge of your organisation and its key drivers. Truly understanding your business and the ever changing technical skills required to meet your long term objective enables us to attract, engage and close the very best AI talent specifically for you.

Clarity on your requirements allows us to confidently asses candidates suitability and cultural fit for your organisation. Neural Networking combine meticulous market mapping, dynamic candidate attraction and thorough screening to secure individuals with the ability to transform your businesses using AI.


In the burgeoning field of AI, where technology turnover is rapid, it can be extremely challenging to determine the relevance of somones experience. As an expert Headhunter in this field a deep understanding of how the current cutting edge has evolved from the technologies of the past is imperative and can't be left to chance if you wish to find the needles in the talent haystack.


"If you hire the right people you will be successful. That's it." - Alison Watson, Business Staffing Lead, Google



% of in house recruiters fail to source hires directly


% of businesses don't feel they get value for money with recruitment spend


% of companies see recruitment as a business challenge


% of uk recruiters expect to see profits increase in 2016


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